The detailed pictures of the quick and easy steps to assemble FlyJump Trampoline

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step 1: Un-Pack

Before starting the assembly of your trampoline, clear an area in your garden at least twice the size of the trampoline and fetch a pair of scisors to open the boxes. This is the only tool you wil need as all the others are provided in the box.

trampoline boxes

Cut the white strips and open the boxes.

opening trampoline boxes

Remove all the parts from the packaging and identify them all with the help of the user manual. In the unlikely event of a part missing, please contact us. We will get replacements to you next day.

all trampoline parts

Step 3: The Frame

Open the box of T-Junctions and remove the locking bolts with the provided spanner if necessary.

trampoline t-junction set

Place the T-Junctions onto the female end of the arc shaped frame tubes.

assembling T-junction onto frame

Assemble all the arc shaped frame tubes together to form a circle.

assembling trampoline frame

Lock the circular frame together using the locking bolt you removed from the T-Junctions in a previous step.

t-junction screwing

Assemble and position the U shaped feet ready to be fitted to the circular frame.

trampoline feet assembly

Lift the circular frame and fit the U shaped feet. At this stage, ensure the holes in the T-Junctions and the U feet are aligned.

lifting trampoline onto feet

Step 3: The Jump Mat

Find and open the box or boxes of springs.


Position the springs in the slots all arround the circular frame.

setting trampoline springs

Unpack the jump mat and tension it using the provided tool.

trampoline spring tensioning

Step 4: The Pad

Unpack and position the foam pad all around the jump mat to cover the springs.

fiiting trampoline pad

Fasten the pad to the springs using the provided elastic fasteners.

tying trampoline pad

Step 5: The Net

Insert the long screws through the lower net pole followed by the round black spacers. Then place both screws through the frame leg an tighten the nuts onto them.

fixing trampoline net poles

Place the pole caps onto the end of the upper net poles.

fitting trampoline pole cap

Insert the upper net pole with the foam into the net sleeve.

inserting pole into net

Assemble the upper net pole onto the lower pole and finish puling the net sleeve down onto the poles.

lifting trampoline net

To finsh, simply clip the net to the jump mat triangles.

securing the trampoline net

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