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Quality of materials

FlyJump trampolines safety pads are made from unrippable reinforced PVC. Ensuring the quality and safety of our products. Other brands use low grade PE for their pads.

Strong pvc pad cover

UV resistance

All the textiles on our trampolines (jump mat, net and safety pad) are protected against the effects of UV from sunlight. Other brands use cheaper materials that won't last one Summer, even in the British sun!

long life flyjump trampoline pad

Pad thickness

In the event of a fall outside the jump mat the safety pads are there to reduce the risk of an injury. FlyJump trampolines have super thick 20mm pads, where as other brands will only have 10mm.

Thick protective pad

Net durability

Having a reliable and trusted net is the key to stress free ownership of a trampoline. FlyJump trampoline nets are continuously tested by independant laboratories to ensure they meet all standards for trampoline safety. Our nets are sewn along the whole height of the pole, compared to other brands that simply attach their nets at the top.

Safe and strong Net

Spring Durability

During the production process, FlyJump springs are cooked 2 times over making it impossible for our springs to bend or lose power over time.

Long lasting flyjump springs

'GOLD' Springs

All metallic parts on FlyJump trampolines are galvanised to protect them against rust and corrosion. Our springs are electrodeposited with a 'Gold' finish. Other brands will use grey low quality springs, leaving them prone to rusting and failure.

FlyJump Springs with gold coating protection

Jump Mat durability

To prevent springs from flying off or ripping the mat, FlyJump mats have specially designed notched rings. Other brands won't pay attention to these little details.

Durable FlyJump Jump Mat

Frame durability

The arc shaped tubes of the frame are fitted together with T junctions and then locked in place with a bolt. This is the most secure way of assembling a trampoline. Other brands won't even use screws.

Seperate T Junction with locking screw


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