Positionning your Trampoline

All gardens are different but there are a few common reccomendations to follow when deciding where to place your newly purchased trampoline.

Firstly, a trampoline is ideally located on a flat soft and stable surface, such as lawn or earth. Keeping the trampoline flat is very important as even a small incline will be noticed by the user and cause disconfort when bouncing as they will slowly end up at the lower end of the trampoline. Your trampoline must ideally be kept away from low trees and not too close to walls, barriers or hedges as the net will bow out slightly if it needs to catch somone. The ladder also needs to be accessible, so when assembling the net make sure you know where you want the oppening to be.

Other than these reccomendations, feel free to place your trampoline where you see fit.

Check the trampoline will fit in the garden


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