Picking the right size trampoline for the family and the garden

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1) Available space in the garden

The first improtant limit to the trampoline size is the space you have in your garden. Once you have measured your available space and decided on a trampoline size, we suggest you draw the circle of the trampoline on the ground with a piece of string or hose pipe to really get an idea of the space it will take up. From there you can increase or decrease the circle until you find a size that you feel happy with in your garden. (TopTip: the advertised size of all trampolines is the diameter of the frame. Hence a 10Ft trampoline will fit completely in a 10Ft in diameter circle.)

Check the trampoline will fit in the garden

2) Who is going to use it?

The next influence on the ideal trampoline size for you is the age and more importantly the size of the intended users.

Allthough all FlyJump Trampolines are rated for a market leading max user weigth of 150kg (over 23 stone) there are a few general guidlines to follow depending on the the age of the users.


- For Children 3 to 10 years old: To get an ideal bouce for small children we reccommend trampolines from 6Ft to 12FT. Larger sizes will also work but they will be used more as play areas by the small children rather than to bounce

- For Children 8 to 15 Years old: 8Ft and up

- For Children 14 to 18 Years old: 10Ft and up

- For Adults 18+ years old: Idealy 12Ft and up but a 10Ft will be usable by non begginers

A trampoline for the Family

3) Your Budget

The price is generally an important point when making any purchase, but a thing to note when looking for a trampoline is what's inclueded in the price and what games/accessories you want to add to you trampoline as a smaller trampoline with accessories may well be more fun than a very big one on its own. However remember you can always upgrade your trampoline at a later date for a birthday or at christmas for example.

4) Other factors

Finaly, a couple smaller points not to forget are:

- Offers: There are often offers on certain size trampolines, meaning that a larger one may be at the same price as the one you were going to buy.

- The skills of the user: A skilled user will prefer a smaller trampoline as it will give a punchier jump than the larger ones woth many springs


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