14ft Trampoline

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  • Easy assembly with a detailed step by step guide
  • All spare parts in stock and available

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Quick and Easy Assembly

The assembly of a FlyJump 14FT trampoline is very easy, anyone can do it thanks to the very detailed user guide we put together and comes in the box. All the tools you will need are supplied with the trampoline, and 2 people can put it up in under 1h30. Don't believe it? Click on the play button to watch the video of the assembly.

Video: quick and easy assembly of your flyjump trampoline

Frame with Locking T Junction

The frame of our 14FT trampoline is specially designed to resist everything that is thrown at it. We're so confident in it that it's covered by a long 2 year warranty. All the tubes are hot galvanised with zinc (inside and out) to ensure a long life even when subjected to the harshest of weathers. Compared to lower quality trampoline frames that are simply held together by the friction of the overlapping tubes, flyjump trampoline frames are assembled using strong T junctions that are locked in place with heavy duty bolts. Guranteeing maximum safety to the users and a long lifetime to the trampoline. The frame on our trampolines is so strong, we put a car on it! 

Frame with locking screw

Super Strong Jump Mat

The Jump Mat on FlyJump trampolines is weaved together from high strength military grade permatron material developed in the USA. The spring rings are fastened to the mat with 8 stich lines, ensuring they wont every rip off. It is thanks to this impressive specification that FlyJump trampolines have a market leading maximum user weight of 150Kg (over 23 stone).

Jump mat made from military grade permatron

Safety our N°1 Priority

The net on FlyJump trampolines, a key safety feature is designed to ensure total 360 protection to the user. Its fine mesh will prevent any children getting their fingers stuck in it whilst jumping. The net and trampoline have been tested by independant laboratories to withstand direct impacts of over 300Kg in line with current rules and regulations (EN71-14). The opening to the net is equipped with a double closing system combining a zip and 4 clips, the zip is bright yellow so as to quickly find the exit if needed.

Net with double safety feature

Powerful and long lasting springs

The springs on FLyJump trampolines produce an ideal balance between power and responce to offer unequaled performance. With 31 loops and an ideal total length of 15cm the springs will propel you in the air like a rocket. During production the springs are cooked twice over and galvanised by electro-coating giving them a caracteristic GOLD finish to ensure esthetics and performance is maintained for many years of use. The hook end of the spring is curled inwards to prevent animals or clothes getting stuck and harmed/ripped in the process.

Springs with gold galvanisation

Why Choose FlyJump

4 accessories free with every trampoline

Safety Net and 4 Accessories Included

FREE with every trampoline an accessories pack worth over £50. The includes: A ladder, weather cover, anchor kit and shoe bag.

British brand and customer service

2 year waranty and lifetime spares

Our trampolines are covered by a warranty of up to 2 years. We also have one of the largest range of spares in the uk with a guaranteed availabilty for the lifetime of your trampoline. Our UK based customer service is happy to answer any queries 7 days a week.

Free packing and postage on all trampolines

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With every trampoline ordered Free Fast delivery to your house. (exclusions apply)